Officer found not guilty of former Matlock man’s manslaughter

A POLICE officer charged with the manslaughter of a former Matlock man has been found not guilty.

PC Simon Harwood, 45, of South London, was accused of causing 47–year–old Ian Tomlinson to have a fatal heart attack after striking him with a baton and pushing him to the ground during the G20 protests in London.

Mr Tomlinson had been making his way home at the time when his path became blocked by officers.

He collapsed within minutes of the incident and later died of cardiac arrest.

PC Harwood denied the charge of manslaughter, claiming he had used reasonable force.

However during the trial at Southwark Crown Court he accepted that it was wrong of him to have hit and pushed Mr Tomlinson, saying that if he had realised at the time that he was walking away from police lines he would not have done so.