Officers promote safer drivers in Bakewell

Police have been targeting safe driving and vehicle maintenance in Bakewell.

Officers from Casualty Reduction and Enforcement Support Team (CREST), roads policing and the local Safer Neighbourhood teams spend the day at Bakewell Agricultural Business Centre.

They joined forces with vehicle examiners the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and HM Revenue and Customs as they checked vehicles.

Six motorists were stopped for not wearing their seat belts and one driver was pulled up for using their mobile phone.

During the day the HM Revenue and Customs tested more than 80 vehicles for illegal fuel.

The officers also stopped 23 vehicles for offences such as defective tyres, lights and number plates.

VOSA also examined vehicles for defects on vehicles which seriously affect their roadworthiness.

They issued three immediate and four delayed prohibition notices which mean drivers must have repairs carried out and their vehicle inspected at an MOT centre before they can legally drive on the public highway.

The checks took place as part of Operation Safedrive.