On the air with new Matlock radio station

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Founders of a new community radio station plan to pump music and local programming over the airwaves in Matlock.

Former Mercury sports editor Rob James has teamed up with fellow Matlock residents Alice and Martin Lockett to produce Radio Free Smedley Street.

The trio, who all live in the Smedley Street area, came up with the idea for the station after meeting at Designate @ The Gate, for Matlock record club.

Rob said: “We’re not business owners on the street but we wanted to help raise the profile of the local community and make sure people know there is a buzz about this part of Matlock, so we came up with the community radio station idea because we are all passionate about music.

“We’ve all got jobs and families so it’s taken a little time to take off.

“Alice was able to help build a website for it and Martin is a recording engineer and he had a technical know how.”

The online radio programme is currently aired at 8pm on a Wednesday. It is not currently available ‘on demand’, so listeners need to log on at that time to hear it.

So far, the show has broadcast live from The Gate and has also broadcast prerecorded music programmes.

“The feedback we have had seems to be good,” Rob added. “We know there are things we need to work on such as clarity of sound, but there was nothing wrong with the sound quality of the music.”

The station is fully licenced and currently privately funded, however the three are looking into alternative ways of funding it.

Rob said the station was there not just for the benefit of Smedley Street, but for the whole of Matlock and he welcomed any programme ideas members of the public might have.

“It’s a voluntary not–for–profit initiative and it’s for the local community to promote different things,” he added.

Rob said the name Radio Free Smedley Street related to a famous REM song ‘Radio Free Europe’.

Radio Free Smedley Street wants to hear your ideas for progamming.

The radio station founders hope to extend its schedule of entertainment to include shows about local bands, dramas and other genres.

If you have an idea, or want to volunteer, visit the station’s website www.radiofreesmedleystreet.co.uk to see how to get in touch.

The show is currently aired at 8pm on a Wednesday evening, to keep updated on the programming schedule, visit the Radio Free Smedley Street page on Facebook.

Alternatively, follow it on Twitter @RadioSmedleyst