On your bike for polo club

Bike polo at Darley Churchtown
Bike polo at Darley Churchtown

Children at Darley Churchtown School have been honing their cycling skills over the last few weeks at their unique new school sports club.

The pupils have been getting to grips with the school’s new bike polo club – and it’s believed that the club could be the only school bike polo club in the country.

More than a dozen Year Five and Six pupils have spent the summer term learning the bike handling skills required to play the polo game that most people would associate with horses, but which is also played on bikes to an international standard.

The game is played in the playground with teams of three playing a fast action, five minutes each way game.

Anybody who wants to find out how to play the game has the chance to have a go themselves, regardless of age, along with the Darley Churchtown riders at the Pennies in the Park event in Hall Leys Park on September 11.

People can come in groups of three, or just turn up on their own, with a bike and helmet to have a go.