Opinions sought on plans for Dales health services

Dales residents are being asked to have their say on plans which will shape how health and wellbeing services are co-ordinated and delivered in Derbyshire over the next five years.

Almost 400 people responded to a questionnaire earlier this year about five broad priority areas, including children’s health, reducing alcohol harm and improving wellbeing for older people, drawn up by Derbyshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board.

They generally agreed with the priorities and their views were added to comments from councils, the health service and voluntary and community sector groups to help draw up a draft Derbyshire Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2012-2015.

The board has now developed a number of actions for each of the five priority areas which residents are again being invited to comment on, including:

• Health and wellbeing in early years: Including - to work in partnership with other agencies and organisations to improve learning, physical and emotional development in early years including early literacy, language and numeracy skills

• Healthy lifestyles: Including - developing local plans to help individuals and communities live healthier lives by developing a range of initiatives such as healthy eating programmes, promoting cycling and walking and tackling alcohol abuse

• Emotional and mental health: Including - to develop equal access and increase opportunities to access mental health treatment and support services across the county, to promote awareness and training to reduce discrimination and to help people remain in or return to work

• People with long term conditions and their carers: Including - to develop strategies to manage long term conditions, including end of life care, support arrangements to allow people to live independently for longer and ensure high quality care plans are in place to help people manage their condition. Also to provide a range of services to increase carers’ health and wellbeing

• Older people’s health and wellbeing: Including - to develop a co-ordinated partnership approach to commissioning older people’s health, care and housing services, reduce fuel poverty and ensure access to support services such as repair, maintenance and adaptation services that promote independent living

Residents can get copies of the survey in GP surgeries, any Derbyshire County Council library or read the draft strategy online and complete the survey at www.derbyshirepartnership.gov.uk/healthstrategy