Organise a music festival? Why not

Y-NOT festival is arguably the most popular music event the Dales has to offer.

With a whole host of world-class bands on the bill, abundant activities on offer and plentiful treats from local producers – it’s easy to see why the 10,000 tickets for this years event are nearly sold out.

However, the festival was not always the polished, professional and well-respected affair that it is today.

The story of Y-Not begins in 2005 when 18-year-old Ralph Broadbent was looking to organise a sixth-form party for him and his friends.

“I offered to hold the party at my house because my parents had booked to go away on holiday,” said Ralph.

“Then a few weeks before they were supposed to go, they decided to cancel.”

For obvious reasons, Ralph had not told his parents about his planned party and found himself in a rather awkward situation following the news.

“To get round it we all chipped in £3, hired a quarry down the road and booked a couple of bands to perform,” said Ralph.

Following the success of this, Ralph decided that organising festivals was the sort of business he could see himself in and set about organising a bigger and better party for next year.

However, if the festival were to grow, Ralph knew that finding a new venue was of the upmost importance.

After a lot of searching and a few license applications, the location in Pike Hall was established and continues to be held there to the present day.

Following a successful second year, the festival gradually started to grow and has now reached the point where it has been awarded Grassroots Festival of the Year 2011 as well as Best Toilets.

“It was great to get these accolades. We were the only festival to win two awards in the whole of the UK so it was a massive deal for us.”

In the humble beginnings Ralph had to roll up his sleeves, flip burgers and pull pints for festival goers, but perhaps this year he will get to spend some time enjoying himself.

“We spend a whole year on this weekend and work hard to make it as good as we can,” said Ralph.

“I’ll try and relax, but there will undoubtedly be stresses along the way.”

The bands Ralph is most looking forward to this weekend are Vintage Trouble and We Are Scientists.

Let’s just hope that none of the ‘stresses’ catch up with him during their slots and that the sun keeps shining.

Y-Not festival is held between Augusts 3 and 5. If you haven’t got a ticket yet visit – but hurry, they’ve almost sold out.