Osprey drop in on Carsington

osprey at carsington water
osprey at carsington water

Nature enthusiasts have succeeded in their bid to encourage one of the country’s most magnificent birds of prey to a Derbyshire reservoir.

Volunteers installed four nesting platforms at Carsington Water back in February with the hope of tempting osprey to the area.

Now their endeavours appear to have paid off after two sightings of the elusive bird in the last two weeks.

And a quick-off-the-mark photographer managed to get a snap of the impressive creature feasting on a fishy snack.

Gary Atkins, publicity officer at Carsington Water, said: “Another osprey flew through the other day and dropped in on Carsington, where a few people got some pictures.

“This is about the best shot we’ve come across taken by our recorder Roger Carrington.

“This individual bird stuck around overnight but has not been seen since Friday morning at around 11am, shortly after being buzzed, not deliberately, by a low-flying helicopter.

“As you can see, though, it did use the specially-erected perch to take a meal, which looks like a pretty large trout. It is the second osprey sighting at Carsington in the past couple of weeks.”

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