Our new pool will be a winner

Hundreds of people turned out to visit our new sports centre on Friday.

It has been such a long time coming that most of us can hardly believe it is just a few months away from actually opening.

A sneak preview of what is going to be on offer was obviously too good an opportunity to be missed and the townsfolk made their way up the Dimple for their guided tour.

What they will have discovered is that Arc, as it will be known, is going to be a fantastic venue for us all and a complex of which the town can be very proud.

It might have been a little early for an open day as there is still quite a bit of work to be done but nonetheless everyone could see it taking shape.

We may not think we have as much as other towns in the region here in Matlock but actually we are very lucky to finally be able to use this new sports centre and pool.

I am sure there will be an official opening and there will be plenty of thanks flying around on that occasion but we must be grateful for the commitment and determination shown by MARS (Matlock Area Recreation Sports Group) over several years.

Without this team of people beavering on in the background raising funds and checking on the progress of the district council’s plans the whole venture may never have happened.

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If the strong rumours are to be believed it seems Tesco may have their eye on Matlock.

No wonder Sainsbury’s made sure its plans for an extension were pushed through the planning procedure this year.

As soon as the company heard its arch rivals were sniffing around I am sure it decided stage two of its plans for Cawdor Quarry had to be put into action as soon as possible.

Tesco is not easy to put off though and obviously believes that there is room for it to operate in Matlock.

Other traders are not so sure.

One thing is for certain the debate about whether or not the store should be approved will be going on for some time to come.

Amanda Hatfield, editor