Our police are the ones solving crime

Home Secretary Theresa May has been busy reshuffling the brass plates on the doors of the police in another attempt to create a British version of the FBI.

So there is another tier at the top to filter down great policing ideas which this time will definitely deal with the thorny problem of organised crime.

Meanwhile here in the Dales those officers at the sharp end are carrying on as normal, doing what they can to tackle our low-level crime with the scant resources they have available.

Whatever changes you make at the top, it will probably always be one of the hard-working, on the ball, officers with their nose to the ground who will solve even the most major of crimes.

Fortunately here our crime levels are low but today the Mercury is re-launching its weekly Crime Busters column, in coalition with our Inspector Bryan Hall, to help keep it that way.

Crime in our community may not make huge headlines but to the victims involved it is very serious and our coppers know that, so they want to clear up as many of the incidents as possible.

On page 13, there is a short list of recent crimes with which they need some help. If you can, give them a call and help play a part in fighting crime.

Amanda Hatfield, editor