Our purse is not bottomless

I’d like to clear-up the confusion around the road repairs needed at the roundabout on the A619 Baslow (Matlock Mercury, January 12, 2012, ‘Pothole has still to be fixed’)

We fix most potholes within three days of them being reported to us. This is usually a relatively quick and simple repair to a relatively small piece of road. But this isn’t a pothole repair. Substantial work is needed to plane the existing road surface and lay a new one – and that’s a lot more costly.

Our road workers have surveyed the damage and confirmed it isn’t a danger to road users. We know we need to take good care of our roads now and in the future, but we don’t have a bottomless purse.

We have to target our funding and resources where they’re most needed. We’re currently putting together a list of road repairs we need to make next financial year based on where the need is greatest and this will be considered along with all other requests.

Cllr Simon Spencer

Deputy leader and cabinet member for

highways and transport