Over 100 vehicle users descend on fun day

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More than 100 vehicle users “joined in the fun” at a Peak family event to show their dissatisfaction at being banned from a Derbyshire green lane.

With over 60 motorcyclists and 40 4x4 drivers descending on Castleton Visitor Centre on Sunday, organisers are hailing the event as a triumph.

Peak District Vehicle Users Group (PDVUG) Secretary Brian Nicholls said: “We gave the public, who don’t normally see us because we are out on the lanes, a chance to chat and examine our vehicles close up, before setting off with our own families for a day of fun on the Park’s historic network of unsurfaced roads.”

Trail Riders Fellowship Director Mike Irving added: “This was a very worthwhile day, and we established for once and for all that the public, visitors and locals alike, have no problem with responsible motoring and motorcycling on the unsurfaced roads of the national park.

“While we were there we conducted a brief survey among residents, business-people and visitors about attitudes to recreational motoring in the park. Most wanted to see vehicles continue to use the green lanes in a responsible and managed manner.

“We had a number of informal but productive conversations with PDNPA staff during the day, and are confident that the plans to close the Peak Park’s best lanes to us are the work of an un-elected and unrepresentative minority, who are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

“The warm welcome we received from visitors and locals alike during the Family Fun Day has encouraged us to start plans for a return to the National Park in the near future with a National Festival of Trail Riding.

“An influx of a large number of trail riders to the Park will bring with it considerable economic benefits for businesses, and should persuade the National Park Authority to reverse its programme of road closures.”

The Peaks and Derbyshire Vehicle Users Group consists of motoring and motorcycling clubs that use the unsurfaced road network in and around the national park. Its members include the Trail Riders Fellowship, a national motorcycling club dedicated to the use and preservation of the green lanes of England and Wales, and the Green Lane Association (GLASS) which promotes responsible motoring in the countryside.