Parents let kids run riot

We set off, my partner, my dog and I, for a lengthy nine-to-ten mile walk culminating with a trek back home through the Chatsworth estate.

Throughout the walk we observed all requests and notices for responsible control of our dog, particularly where deer and sheep were grazing, which required us to restrain Harry by leash in these sensitive areas.

So towards the end of a beautiful walk, whilst strolling along the banks of the Derwent amongst hundreds of grazing sheep you can imagine how horrified and surprised we both were to see traumatised sheep running away from tormentors.

Imagine our horror to see two very unruly children intentionally chasing and worrying the sheep as part of a game.

Their parents very unconcerned, enjoying the sun, drinking cans of lager at the side of the river.

Perhaps if the Duke of Devonshire were to read this letter or he chose to walk through his grounds during school holidays he would add to his courtesy signs “Keep dogs and children on leads and under control” (these children subject to no parental control or supervision at eight or nine years of age will become the rioters and looters of tomorrow at 14 and 15 years of age).