Parking ‘chaos’ on the Bank

Residents on Matlock Bank have hit out at Derbyshire County Council employees once again amid what many believe is a “chaotic” parking situation.

People are angry that county council staff continue to use residential roads on Matlock Bank to park their cars.

While there is nothing illegal about parking on residential roads – provided no restrictions apply – concerns have been raised about staff parking “inconsiderately” and potentially blocking access for emergency services.

There are also reports from residents that mothers with prams are often forced on to the roads when cars block pavements and that residents have been blocked in at times.

Many have called for a residents’ parking scheme in the area to combat the concerns, but a spokesman for Derbyshire County Council says that, when the authority proposed it in the past, residents rejected it.

“These roads are public roads and as such anyone with a taxed and insured vehicle is entitled to park on them,” the spokesman added.

“But we’re always looking for ways to reduce the effects of staff parking. We provide a car share scheme to help reduce the number of vehicles travelling to County Hall and have recently increased the number of car share spaces.”

“We also promote alternatives such as cycling to work and flexible working which allows staff to work from home or from council offices closer to home where appropriate.”