Pavilion group hosts meeting to showcase plans

PAVILION campaigners are set to hold a public meeting this month to showcase future plans for the historic building.

The Matlock Bath action group has also announced it has become a registered charity and will be launching The Friends of the Grand Pavilion, for supporters.

The meeting on March 28 at 6.30pm, in the community centre at the back of the Grand Pavilion, will give residents the chance to view plans for the building and find out what has been achieved over the past year.

Matlock Bath Pavilion Group chairman, Gregor Macgregor said; “This meeting will show that we are now past the ‘campaigning’ phase and on to the next level.

“We will be gathering as many supporters as possible together to help us in their own way to raise the cash needed. We will also be starting the process of raising the grant funding that we need to get this project realised.”

He added: “We will be launching The Friends of the Grand Pavilion; which allows us to tap that great pool of support we have in the area – and wider afield.

“We will have various levels of membership to help start the process of raising the large amount of money needed to complete this project, all of the financial support we receive can be gift aided giving us the tax benefits we are now entitled to as a charity.”

The first Grand Pavilion Patron is Simon Groom, resident and former Blue Peter presenter.

For more information visit the group’s new website: