Peak-based store joins fight to stop life-threatening furniture blazes

Firefighters in action. Stock picture.
Firefighters in action. Stock picture.

The Peak District based Wool Room has joined the fight to prevent life-threatening furniture blazes by introducing a new range of safer mattresses.

Wool Room, which has a store at Rowsley, boasts British wool mattresses that have achieved the British standard for flammability without the use of unpleasant chemicals.

The company has managed to achieve this through a unique blend of merino wool.

It stated that wool as a fibre has a complex composition that does not ignite easily and if it does ignite, the construct of the fibre allows it to self-extinguish.

Adam Hirst, Marketing Manager, at The Wool Room, said: “Here at The Wool Room we’re on a mission to educate people on the benefits that wool can have on your health and wellbeing.

“Our new range of mattresses ensure that you’re not sleeping next to any unpleasant brominate flame retardants and that stands our range apart.”