PEAK DISTRICT: Mountain rescue teams warn of hidden dangers

Snow - cornices
Snow - cornices

The unusually cold weather has resulted in potentially hazardous conditions – with mountain rescue teams warning of hidden dangers in the Peak District.

Edale Mountain Rescue Team has called on walkers to be vigilant of overhanging edges of snow known as ‘cornices’.

A team spokesman said: “From above they can appear solid but they will quickly collapse if walked on by the unwary.

“These cornices represent a hazard from below too. As temperatures rise, the snow is becoming more unstable and the cornices will collapse resulting in small avalanches.”

The ‘cornices’ have been spotted on exposed edges of the Peak Ditsrict including Stanage Edge.

The team spokesman said: “These conditions are very unusual for our area and many visitors may not be familiar with the these hazards which are more commonly associated with more mountainous terrain.

“We’d ask everyone to take extra care when around the Peak District edges.”