Peak Peaks bid: Questions that need answering

In response to the Matlock Mercury’s article concerning “landowners were not consulted over trail bid” the questions that have to be asked are:

Why has there not been full consultation – especially with the landowners and Parish Councils affected?

If surplus monies are available, where have they come from? My understanding is that the Dept of Highways and Transport have under spent. If this is the case what projects have they under spent on and why?

How have council officers managed to put together a £7.5 million funding bid for a new Dales cycling route in such a short time when residents at Darley Bridge have been campaigning for over 40 years for a relief road or by-pass to deal with the increasing daily dangers associated with the HGV traffic travelling through the village.

A by-pass is urgently needed to negate the inherent dangers of injury or fatality to pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and property damage.

Cllr Mike Longden has met with the Parish Council and residents and has always stressed that NO monies were available from the County Council towards such a scheme stating categorically that a much needed by-pass would not be forthcoming. I have suggested on various occasions that a similar joint partnership with all the Councils and Enthovens but with a proposal for funding from The European Community as many of the HGV’s are of European origin, but these suggestions have been ignored.

The Lancet Oncology magazine has recently completed a European study and assessment of the long term impact of exposure to nitrogen oxides including traffic and industry. It found that long term exposure even to low levels of air pollution increases the risk of lung cancer.

A second article found a strong and consistent association between heart failure hospitalisation, or death and exposure to air pollutants including carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxides and nitrogen dioxide. How’s that for healthy benefits!!

It is stated that the cycle trail would provide health benefits to cyclists. The trail would bring cyclists down Wenslees to Darley Bridge. Good luck to any cyclist trying to negotiate this dangerous hot spot!Traffic movements have increased with little regard for any traffic signage. What will it take for this County Council, our elected Cllr. Longden and our elected MP Patrick McLoughlin (Transport Minister!) to address this dangerously serious problem-a fatality perhaps?

Cheryl Coyne

Darley Bridge