Penny farthing racing comes to Hall Leys Park

Penny farthing racing is coming to Hall Leys Park as part of the park’s 100 year anniversary.

Dozens of intrepid cyclists will mount the Victorian contraptions for the centenary celebration challenge on Sunday September 11.

Organiser Richard Thoday, of Stanley Fearns Cycles in Matlock, said that the inspiration for the event was a penny farthing race in Knutsford that only happens every ten years.

He said: “The Great Knutsford Race was such a fantastic event last year, enjoyed by so many, when I saw an opportunity to run a high wheeler race this year it seemed to good an opportunity to miss.

“After 100 years of ‘no cycling’ policy in the park I have negotiated the right to cycle for one day only.”

The race will feature warm up laps and qualifying times in the morning with a one hour plus one lap penny farthing race in the afternoon.

The 700m course is a flat circuit with a long open straight, some tight turns and a twist where the course loops round the bandstand.

The race is open to solo riders and teams of two, with space for only 30 riders or pairs.

As well as penny farthing racing, there will also be the chance to try bike racing on the same course with races run by British Cycling. Bike It officers from Derby will be giving everybody the chance to try playing bike polo or have a go at roller racing and Splinterbike, the all wooden land speed record attempt bike, will be in attendance.

The event is being sponsored by the Maazi Indian Restaurant and organisers are hoping that their tuktuk will be used as the race lead out car.