Pensioners’ call to save waste service

SP91872 Baslow OAP's upset at the proposed recycling changes.
SP91872 Baslow OAP's upset at the proposed recycling changes.

Pensioners are calling on council chiefs to save their waste collection service.

Derbyshire Dales District Council is set to scrap the Saturday service after opening a new tip in Darley Dale but villagers in Baslow say this would be a huge loss to their community.

One hundred and ninety five residents have signed a petition in support of keeping the service.

Anne Tempest, on behalf of Baslow Senior Citizens Club, said: “We feel that the removal of this service will be a great loss to our village.

“We have a large proportion of elderly residents with above average size of garden, who often have to rely on help from neighbours and will not easily be able to arrange a visit to Darley Dale.”

She added: “We are delighted to hear of the new waste and recycling facilities at Darley Dale and we are 100 per cent behind recycling as is evidenced by the high usage at the village waste skips.

“However many items do not fall in to a recycling category. Travel to Darley Dale will be more costly, result in increased fuel emissions and possibly increased fly tipping.”

Villagers are urging the council to consider running a reduced service after gathering almost 200 signatures in two weeks.

Councillors are set to discuss the issue at a meeting in Matlock Town Hall at 6pm today.

The council is set to scrap the Saturday waste collection service, which costs around £45,000 a year, in November.

Waste collected is taken to landfill and the council hopes more people will recycle at the new household recycling centre in Harrison Drive.

A spokesman added: “The tonnage collected from Baslow last year was 77.96 tonnes. This is just under eight vehicles worth of waste being sent to landfill.

“It is estimated that at least 60 per cent of this waste could have been recycled rather than going to landfill.”