Be one in a million by planting a tree in The Big Climate Fightback

Tree planting. Photo by Ben Lee
Tree planting. Photo by Ben Lee

People in Nottinghamshire are being urged to take action on climate change by planting a tree.

The Woodland Trust has launched the UK’s largest mass tree planting campaign and aims to get a million people to pledge their support.

A mass day of planting will be held on November 30, with Derbyshire hosting the main event when more than 10,000 trees will be planted at Mead, near Heanor, at the site of the new Young People’s Forest.

Darren Moorcroft, chief executive at the Woodland Trust said the campaign was in response to calls from the public to be given a practical way to tackle the UK’s tree planting crisis: “Most people are aware of the race against time in terms of climate change and planting trees being part of the solution – they absorb harmful CO2 and produce vital oxygen. But we are not planting anywhere near enough.

“The Big Climate Fightback is about inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds and providing the chance to take direct action – they have to simply go to our website and pledge to plant a tree, whether it’s in their back yard, neighbourhood, school or at a nearby planting event,”

The campaign has the support of TV personalities Sandi Toksvig and Clive Anderson.

Sandi said: “Climate change is a real threat and it affects us all.I urge people to get off their sofas and plant a tree.”

Clive, who is president of the Woodland Trust, said: “Global warming isn’t something that might happen sometime in the future: it’s happening already. And we need to do something about it.”

To pledge your support, visit