Chatsworth is 'back to normal' after recent bad weather

Marco Polo (actor Steve Dolton), Amelia Earhart (Jill Myers) and Phileas Fogg (Ben Gilbert) in the Painted Hall
Marco Polo (actor Steve Dolton), Amelia Earhart (Jill Myers) and Phileas Fogg (Ben Gilbert) in the Painted Hall

It is business as usual at Chatsworth for the rest of the Christmas season after bad weather.

Chatsworth has lifted the parking restrictions caused by recent bad weather which had made many of its parking areas unusable and everything is now back to normal.

The announcement comes ahead of a one-hour TV special about Chatsworth at Christmas which is showing on Channel 4 at 9pm on December 12.

The programme was filmed over a four week period and Christmas at Chatsworth House features the detailed preparations and hard work of hundreds of staff as they welcome up to 200,000 people for the glittering Christmas season.

Visitors will be transported on a journey around the globe as you enter an immersive experience full of atmospheric lights, rich colours and the evocative sounds and scents of lands far, far away.

The grand rooms of the house are dressed in homage to countries traversed by generations of the family, so that you can follow in their footsteps led by famous explorers from fiction and life, Phileas Fogg and Amelia Earhart.

Your guides will be sharing stories of adventure and derring do from all over the world, while a special children’s trail will add to the fun for families.

And wintry scenes abound with snow, frosty lights and a sleigh are sure to deliver the essence of Christmas and the Chapel, inspired by a baroque Portuguese church, has a classic Nativity scene complete with floating candles, mirrors and stained glass.

Visitors can also enjoy the house after sunset on Thursdays and Fridays in December, with the magical twilight evenings and keep warmed by a delicious mince pie and a glass of wine, the evenings also feature live performances from a strings trio.

And before they leave, visitors can hop into the hot air balloon basket for a photo opportunity.

There will also be a relaxed days for visitors who would like a quieter experience on January 2.

During a quiet session the lights will be subdued, the music will be turned off and there will be no queuing for pre-booked tickets.

Tickets for House and Garden are £25 per adult and £15 per child aged between three to 16-years-old and family tickets are available.