Derbyshire charity's online exercise classes helped cancer patient Kate to 'feel good again'

A fitness fan who completed the London Marathon while battling cancer has praised the efforts of a Derbyshire charity – whose online exercise programme made her ‘feel good again’.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 2:33 pm
Kate Belfield is pictured with her husband.

Mum-of-two Kate Belfield, 55, was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in 2014 and after receiving treatment, doctors told her that her prognosis was good.

However, just a couple of years later, Kate was told that she had secondary breast cancer, which had spread to her bones.

Kate, who was forced to take early retirement from her job working for the Home Library Services in Derbyshire says that Treetops Hospice’s ‘Move It To Strengthen It’ programme has helped her both physically and mentally.

Kate, who has been shielding during the coronavirus pandemic, said: “I used to do a lot of exercise.

“I ran the London Marathon in 2017 in just over five hours. It was an amazing experience – very tiring and the training was tough – but it was such an experience.

"However, I had what I thought was a knee injury and had to walk the final mile or so, because I was in so much pain. I believe now that it was probably referred pain from the cancer in my hip but obviously I didn’t know this at the time.

“The diagnosis knocked me for six because it forced me to stop doing what I loved doing.

"That’s why the ‘Move It To Strengthen It’ classes have been so good for me. My stamina has improved and my balance is a lot better. It has been a good morale boost for me and helps me both physically and mentally.”

After each class there is the option to join a guided meditation and relaxation session.

Kate added: “Some of the exercises I do are things which I used to do in the gym and having the class at a set time every week means that I have to get up and out of bed in the morning; it helps with my motivation and makes me feel so much better, being able to exercise.

“It’s also great to see the people who I used to see at Treetops before lockdown, even if it’s only briefly. You do get the feeling that you’re in the room together.

"My husband has been a tower of strength but it’s lovely to have contact with the outside world from people who understand me while I’ve been shielding.”