Derbyshire Dales residents will see council tax increase

Derbyshire Dales residents will pay an extra 10p per week for the district council’s share of their council tax in the coming year.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 10:53 am

All councillors, except for one who abstained, voted in favour of 2.33 per cent increase at the Derbyshire Dales District Council’s annual budget meeting.

Although the district council collects council tax on behalf of other councils, the police and fire and rescue service, it only keeps and spends around 11 per cent of the total on the services it provides.

The biggest portion of Derbyshire Dales residents’ council tax, around 70 per cent, goes to Derbyshire County Council.

Derbyshire Dales District Council, including Coun Garry Purdy, have agreed the new council budget

During the financial year from April 1, 2021, council tax would fund 33 per cent of the district council's £19-million revenue budget. The biggest contributor will be sales, fees and charges (41 per cent), with Business Rates (15 per cent) and Government Grants (11 per cent) making up the balance.

Coun Garry Purdy, district council leader, said: “First, I want to assure our residents that while this is a relatively small increase in council tax we recognise that it could cause hardship in some households and I really do wish we could have avoided it.

“However, I was heartened that political group leaders across the authority accepted the reasons for the rise and voted to support a package of measures which demonstrate, once again, that this district council punches above its weight.

“The 2.33 per cent council tax increase will help fund a number of important projects including additional investment to meet the council's zero carbon ambitions by 2030, investment in ensuring Dales towns and villages remain clean and green and investment to improve digital delivery to our customers.

“Residents are already aware that we are spending more on maintaining the frequency of their waste and recycling collections. The new waste contract, which started in August last year, is costing £1.1 million extra per year and we are grateful for the near 16,000 subscriptions to our new garden waste collection scheme, which helps to offset just over half of that additional cost.

“I’m proud to say there will be no further cuts to services in 2021/22.”