East Midlands to bask in Bank Holiday heatwave

East Midlands to bask in Bank Holiday heatwave
East Midlands to bask in Bank Holiday heatwave

Before we stick the heating on and the kids go back to school, summer is set for one last hurrah.

The Met Office has forecast highs of 27°C on Saturday August 24 across the East Midlands.

Blue skies are expected to replace the cloud and drizzle that has blighted August so far.

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On Sunday temperatures are set to top 25°C and on Monday, the mercury could reach 23°C .

Steve Willington, the chief meteorologist at the Met Office said: “We have had a fairly wet and windy August so far. However, that’s going to change this weekend as we see high temperatures, sunshine and light winds return.

“On Saturday and Sunday there’ll be plenty of sunshine across the country, with temperatures reaching into the mid-20s for many. It will be warmest in south-eastern parts, where 30C is possible.

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“By bank holiday Monday, temperatures will rise further, with about 33C possible in the south-east.”

If you're heading to the seaside, the temperature at Skegness is set to reach 25°C, and Blackpool could see highs of 26°C.

Before you head off, the RAC advise you to do a few simple vehicle checks to ensure you are safe on the road.

A spokesman said: “Tyre pressure and tread, as well as oil and coolant levels, should all be looked at. Doing so can cut the chances of breaking down.”

The advice comes as an estimated five million drivers hit the roads today for holidays and day trips, with traffic expected to be busiest after 11am.

HM Coastguard has urged those visiting the coast at the weekend to refrain from jumping into the water from piers, rocks, cliffs or other structures, and choose beaches where lifeguards are on duty and take note of their advice; swim parallel to the shore and avoid most harbours and fast-flowing water.

Public Heath England have the following advice for hot weather:

Stay out of the sun

Keep your home as cool as possible - shading and shutting windows during the day

Only open windows when it is cooler at night

Keep drinking fluids

Make sure older friends and family members, and those who might be at risk, know what to do