Popular Derbyshire car show cancelled after 'unacceptable behaviour'

A popular car show held at a Derbyshire pub has been cancelled after a "small number" of attendees "spoiled things" - one even let down a tyre on a police vehicle.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 2:28 pm
The show attracted hundreds of motorists.

The monthly, Hurt Arms Car Show, held by The Hurt Arms in Ambergate, was permanently cancelled after some drivers showed "complete disregard to authority when leaving the premises".

Luke Richards, who manages the pub said he was disappointed to see the end of the show which has been running for almost a year.

But, revealed that some attendees were pulling onto the A6 aggressively and one individual let down a tyre on a police vehicle.

The show attracted hundreds of motorists.

Staff at the pub apologised to the "hundreds of visitors" who came to the show and "respected the event".

Mr Richards said: “It’s really disappointing because it was something that I wanted to promote because we had such a great attendance.

"The show was about cars - it was not meant to be dangerous and the A6 is a busy road anyway. That is the reason we knocked it on the head.

“Normally, there’s no trouble but we found that five per cent of the attendees would spoil things.

The popular event had been running for almost a year.

“After speaking to police and licensing, we couldn’t afford the amount of resources needed to make sure people were safe.

"We made the decision to stop, it was our call not the police's.

“We had hundreds of people that would attend the event and it was very popular but police cost money and it was discussed that we couldn’t continue in this manner.

"It was unfair to the police force - they don't have the resources to support the show."

Mr Richards also said that it would be "unlikely" that the show would be held again.

He added that the pub also has other events planned, including an open air cinema on August 2 and 3.