‘What on earth is it?’: Derbyshire woman left mystified after taking picture which appears to show flying saucer

A Derbyshire woman has been left baffled after she took a picture of the moon – then later saw what looked like a flying saucer on the shot.

Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 2:32 pm

Stephanie Marsden was driving along Chesterfield Road, Matlock, on Saturday, March 6, when she spotted how breathtakingly huge and bright the moon looked.

The 45-year-old, of Rowsley, stopped at a location off the road and used her mobile phone to take a picture of the celestial body through her car windscreen.

When Stephanie returned home, she saw the bizarre thing on her picture.

Stephanie Marsden's picture taken on Saturday, March 6

She said: “I didn’t notice anything strange at the time – but later on when I looked at the picture I couldn’t believe what I saw.

“It looks like a flying saucer – but is it?!

“I was unsettled when I saw it and didn’t sleep well on Saturday night.

“I’ve shown friends and family the picture and they’re also completely baffled.

“The picture has not been edited.

“It’s all so weird and I just want an explanation.

“I’m wondering if any of your readers might be able to help solve the mystery?

“Did they see anything weird in the skies that night?”

It was a full moon on Saturday night.

The following night, people across the UK reported seeing a meteor.

Scientists say that was probably a small piece of an asteroid entering and burning up in the earth's atmosphere.

But Derbyshire has a long history of mysterious goings-on in the sky.