Petition calls for council to ditch noise barrier plans

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Concerned residents have signed a petition calling for the council to consider other options in light of a controversial proposal to build a 5.5metre high sound barrier in the heart of the Peak District.

Thirty–eight residents of Coombs Road, in Bakewell, have signed the petition objecting to the plans for the barrier around the Agricultural Business Centre (ABC).

Derbyshire Dales District Council came up with the plans to build the barrier around the cattle market after complaints were received about noise.

Residents have raised concerns that the barrier would ruin the character of the town. If approved, it will be 180 metres in length and cost the authority around £100,000 to build.

Diane Gilmore sent a letter to the council’s head of environmental health, Tim Braund, on behalf of the Coombs Road Residential Group.

She said: “This structure is not only unwanted by local residents, it represents an enormous unnecessary expenditure in a time of austere spending cuts, probably requiring ongoing future maintenance funding.”

Diane went on to raise concerns that, if approved, the barrier would be subjected to graffiti which would be a ‘further blight on our community’.

She added: “We are aware that ivy will be planted to grow up the barrier but this will undoubtedly take some time, certainly a few years before coverage is achieved, rendering to a total eyesore for many years to come.”

Diane said the residents’ group fully supported the ABC and the diverse farming community.

“We are delighted to live in such a picturesque market town and indeed purchased our properties with that in mind,” she said.

A decision on the barrier is likely to be made in a meeting at the end of the month.