Phone signal flagging in the Dales

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Mobile phone users in a rural area have been left hanging on the line when it comes to news over whether they are to have signal or not.

Earlier this month the Mercury reported that a mobile phone mast in the Derbyshire Dales was due to be recommissioned following uproar from residents who were left without signal when it was switched off.

It’s owners, Orange – which recently merged with T Mobile to become EE – decommissioned the transmitter on April 22 but quickly made a u–turn after customers complained of having no signal what–so–ever. A month on however, residents in Flagg are still without service.

Rachel Mycock, who has a farm in Flagg, said: “The house and our business relies on people being able to speak to each other on mobile phones and we can’t doit.

“If your kids go to Monyash and want picking up you can’t get hold of them.

“You can’t feel that your children are safe.”

She said customers had received conflicting reports from EE about the state of play when they had rung up to complain.

“I have one friend who rang up and was told they are just tampering with it and another who was told the mast was being switched off permanently,” Rachel added.

“The frustrating thing is nobody gets the same story.”

She said some customers had been offered boosters to improve their mobile phone signal, but her household couldn’t have one because the broadband is not good enough.

An EE spokesman said: “We are aware that some customers in the Monyash and Flagg areas are experiencing problems with the network due to a temporary technical fault on a local mast. We are investigating the fault as a matter of urgency and expect to have full service resumed soon. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”