Pie in the sky - or just what Matlock needs?

The return of the Matlock Tramway: Imagine a brightly-painted, old-style, full size open-top tram, bell clanging just like the ones that travelled up and down Bank Road and Rutland Street 100 years ago.

OK, up the hill maybe a little too crazy and pointless these days, but why not trundling along the Hall Leys Promenade by the river (straight and flat) from Crown Square of Park Head to a terminus at the bottom end of the park?

Add some simple, colourful Swiss style buildings (remember the Little Switzerland connection), say a tram shelter /ticket office / tourist information centre at the Park Head and a depot or pictorial Tramway Museum at the bottom.

You now have an educational and tourist attraction with genuine historical connections.

The trams would look authentic and run on tracks but use modern power systems, possibly on-board battery power. The finance would possibly be council controlled and licensed, but sponsored by local companies and by ticket revenue, which should be a s low as possible.

Who would design and build it? There are sufficient local companies with the necessary capability.

Alternatively, why not go all the way round the park with one, two or three trams?

Why not be really ambitious and go all the way to Matlock Bath? Imagine a decorated train at illumations time.

The benefits would be more visitors and an identity - Matlock Bath has its cable cars, Bakewell has its puddings, Matlock has.... Sainsbury’s.

Stuart Kirk


What do you think?

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