Piles of canine problems ruin look of town’s streets

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Parents have called for an end to Wirksworth’s dog poo problem.

Mum–of–three Laura Flitter claimed the unsightly mess was ruining the look of the town.

She said: “It it a huge, growing problem, particularly in the centre of town and the footpaths around the schools.

“Every day I have to avoid several piles – it’s absolutely disgusting.

“On the way to school the other day my little boy fell off the pavement and into the road because he was trying to avoid some mess.”

Laura, of Bournebrook Avenue, Wirksworth, called on irresponsible dog owners to clean up after their pooch. She added: “I think it’s really important to raise awareness about this issue because for some owners it seems to have become the norm to not clear up their dog’s mess.

“If anyone sees that happening, I’d urge them to report it to the council to try and put an end to this problem.”

Dog faeces can pose a significant health risk to humans.

Dog owners are advised to train their dog to foul at home within their own garden and then dispose of the waste correctly.

If the dog fouls in a public place, owners must pick up the waste using a suitable plastic bag. They should then seal the bag and dispose of it in a dog waste bin.

Residents can visit the website www.saferderbyshire.gov.uk to report dog fouling in their area.