Pilot project helps Matlock cancer sufferers

Cancer patients and their loved ones in Matlock can benefit from a new pilot project.

The Marie Curie Nursing Service is trying out a pilot project for a self-referral service in Derbyshire.

The project allows people to contact the service directly instead of being referred by a GP or district nurse.

Marie Curie ambassador and Derbyshire resident, Edwina Currie, said: “Derbyshire is the first place in the UK where people can access the Marie Curie Nursing service directly.

“The pilot has been running for nearly a year now and we want to make sure that all terminally ill people and their carers know that they can access the care they need to be able to spend their final days in their place of choice.

“Lots of people are unaware of the free service Marie Curie Nurses provide and often struggle to care for loved ones on their own, especially at night. The nurses care for people with cancer as well as other terminal illnesses like heart failure, chronic lung disease and motor neurone disease.”

To find out more information, please call Marie Curie Cancer Care on 0800 206 1464 or if you have a district nurse, ask them to refer you.

Carers can phone on behalf of the person they are looking after.

People need to be 18 or over and living in Derbyshire with a terminal illness requiring nursing care at home to be eligible.