Plans to cut noise at Bakewell cattle market approved

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A noise management plan for a busy cattle market has been given the go–ahead as an alternative to a controversial 5.5 metre barrier.

Earlier this year, Derbyshire Dales District Council’s Environment Committee rejected a proposal to build the 180–metre long barrier around Bakewell’s Agricultural Business Centre (ABC), following a public outcry in which people described it as being an ‘eyesore’ and ‘like the Berlin Wall’.

In a meeting on Thursday, committee members approved plans to spend £88,300 on the plan to reduce noise from the ABC.

The plan was developed in partnership with Bagshaws Auctioneers, which runs the cattle market.

It features measures such as reducing the use of steam cleaners and investigating the feasibility of planting on banking to the rear of the site.

The authority was obliged to address the issue of noise from the cattle market after some residents living nearby complained about it.

Commenting on Facebook, Tony Keys said: “Visitors bringing money into Bakewell or the ONCE a week sound of animals at the market?

“Ridiculous, move if you are not happy.”

John Burnett added: “This a joke.

“Make the people complaining pay for the building of the wall then they will soon change their minds.

“It’s once a week and then they would be complaining there were no jobs if the cattle market wasn’t there.

“Lets spend the money repairing pots holes etc instead.”

Vanessa Wilson commented: “What a waste of tax payers money.”

David Fox said: “I think they should move back to where they came from.

“I bet not one is from Bakewell or understands how a market town works.

The money for the plan will be taken from the authority’s capital programme.

The plans were approved on the grounds that a proposal to build a two metre high barrier around the lorry wash go back to committee for final determination in the future.

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