Plans to deal with park’s off-road damage

Countryside campaigners are welcoming the Peak District National Park Authority’s new plans for dealing with off-roading damage in the National Park.

“Some of the most sensitive routes in the Peak District are being ruined by 4x4s and trail bikes, so it was obvious that more needed to be done,” said John King, planning officer with Friends of the Peak District.

“Our Take Back the Tracks campaign has been calling for action so we’re really pleased to see that the Park Authority has taken notice and is doing something.”

The Peak District National Park Authority has allocated an extra £100,000 to manage unsurfaced routes over the next two years.

Its new strategy and action plan includes: potentially closing five green lanes to vehicles; committing to repairing four specific routes; and monitoring illegal use on 100 other sites.

Friends of the Peak District also wants funding for road maintenance secured for the future. Funds are the responsibility of the highways agency, Derbyshire County Council.

“We do still have concerns about the future funding for maintaining our key green lanes. We hope that the Park Authority will be building a strong relationship with Derbyshire County Council to ensure our beautiful and sensitive landscapes are sustained for the future,” John King added.

“This is very encouraging. Now we’re keen for the Park Authority and Derbyshire County Council to get on with it,” said John King.