Playground danger

I read with interest the council spokesman’s comments on the article about young William being injured by the new table tennis table.

It seems he must either have visited the wrong play area or not visited at all.

The table is not, as he states, in an area away from the general play equipment, it is amongst it and is directly in the path between the toddler swings and the slides.

More to the point the concrete base has been laid on what used to be the footpath around the play equipment, and so adult or child now has no option but to either walk across the concrete base or on the grass.

The ground around the concrete base is a mixture of ramped up grass, ramped up tarmac and kerbs and is a tripping hazard for anyone, let alone the disabled.

Aside from being a solid object the underside edges of the table are razor sharp - there should at least have been a rubber bumper fitted around it to avoid such injuries as William has received.

I am not saying the table should go but it needs to be re-sited and be fitted with additional safety features.

I note also that the tables in Matlock have been sited on the pitch-and-putt course despite all the available grass area!

How can it be considered safe to play table tennis with people hitting golf balls right behind you?

Julie Bradshaw

Darley Dale