Please explain transport plans

The county council is proposing changes to the transport system which serves our young people so it can make savings of £700,000.

It claims that the new policy will be much easier to understand and, while making the savings, will in fact help some people. It will be a fair, more cost effective system, claims a press release sent out this week.

However to save that much money someone somewhere is going to be paying more or losing out.

The council has launched a consultation period and wants us all to comment on the proposals within the next eight weeks.

The policy document is so long and complicated I think it would take the good part of a day to go through it let alone understand it and I suspect few taxpayers will have the patience to give it a go.

The Labour Party’s Brian Lucas has hit out at the policy document saying it is full of council speak and not user friendly. He is not wrong there.

If the county really wants feedback on the proposals then it needs to summarise the actual changes into a document we can all understand and access easily.

When we have worked out where the savings are being made we will put the details online at

Amanda Hatfield, editor