Please help us continue service

For over 35 years the Matlock & District Talking Newspaper has been recording and distributing taped extracts from the Matlock Mercury and Derbyshire Times, for the benefit of blind and visually impaired people, over a wide area.

Other publications distributed are People’s Friend, Woman’s Weekly, National Geographic Magazine and Derbyshire Life.

In addition, the Ashbourne News Telegraph is read on to tape by Ashbourne Talking Newspaper and sent to Matlock for copying and mailing.Cassettes and cassette players are rapidly becoming obsolete and in short supply

The high-speed copying machines used to duplicate the cassettes have fast moving parts that require very costly maintenance for which the manufacturers no longer supply spare parts.

If the service is to continue it will be necessary to change to a digital system. This has the advantage that there are no moving parts so heavy maintenance costs will be minimal. The recordings are copied on to USB memory sticks that, like cassettes, are returned for re-use.

They can be played on all computers or other suitable devices.

For people who do not have that equipment a small playing machine will be supplied free, on loan.

These players have control keys similar to cassette players and are easier to use. In order to complete this project, the total cost of which is in the region of £ 7,500, we need to raise a further £4,000 and to this end Sainsbury supermarkets are kindly allowing us to hold a collection at their Matlock store on Saturday 27th of April.

We would ask all our supporters to give generously.

For further information contact Hon. Secretary Mrs. C. Fryer 01629 584086