Please make the homes affordable

Plans for a disused factory site to be transformed into a new housing estate have been approved this week.

On the plus side it has to be good news that the current eyesore close to the River Derwent at Darley Dale is being put to good use.

And there have been few objections to the plans by developers Westleigh which have brought us so called “affordable homes” at Gateway Court in Matlock and the same soon on the site of the Kingsfield pub in Wirksworth.

Both of those schemes caused controversy and were much debated on these pages but the Cobb Slater development has been well received.

All three have been approved because we are told we need more “affordable homes”. So let’s make sure they are.

We have to assume they are being aimed at people with low incomes, be they young first timers, single parents or the elderly.

For these new homes at Darley Dale to be truly affordable they need to be priced realistically and that means under £100,000. The flats at Gateway Court didn’t sell because they were too expensive.

If these really are “affordable” then this development will be good for the community.

Amanda Hatfield, edtior