Please party for Parkinson’s I would like to invi

I would like to invite people in the Midlands to indulge in one of our favourite pastimes – having a cuppa – by hosting a tea Party for Parkinson’s.

We don’t all have to run a marathon to be able to do our bit for charity. Holding a tea Party for Parkinson’s is a great way of using that catch up with friends or family to do something good without the need for trainers or breaking a sweat.

I watched my father live with Parkinson’s for years, and I know first-hand just how devastating the condition can be. This is why I am so keen to see an army of teapots, doilies and sugar spoons being put into action for Parkinson’s UK this summer.

All funds raised will go directly towards helping Parkinson’s UK to continue to improve the lives of the 127,000 people living with the condition in the UK.

To find out more and request a free Party for Parkinson’s pack call Tom Grounds, Regional Fundraiser on 020 7963 9330 or visit:

Graham Norton