PLEASE SHARE: Distraught owner’s missing dog appeal

Megan was last seen in Kelstedge on February 12.
Megan was last seen in Kelstedge on February 12.

A distraught dog owner has appealed for help in tracking down his beloved pet who is believed to have been hit by car.

Peter Ward, 89, says Megan went missing from his house in Kelstedge on February 12.

He was told she had been killed by a car but when he went to pick her up she had gone. Now he does not know whether a fox has taken her or that she later came round and wandered off and is appealing for help to find out what happened.

Peter, who lives alone, said: “I have always let her out every night for years. But for some reason she wandered off.

“I was told by people she had been knocked down on the main road and left for dead on the side of the road.

“But when I went to pick her up, she wasn’t there.

“So she might not actually have died at that time at all.”

The incident happened on the night of Sunday, February 12 on the A632 near the Kelstedge Inn.

The car which hit her did not stop and she was placed on the verge by another driver.

It has been reported on the Dog Lost website that two men saw a dog matching Megan’s description.

However, nothing has yet come of the sighting leaving Peter ‘distressed’ at the loss of his long-time companion.

Megan is a 12-year-old reddy-brown American cocker spaniel and was wearing a harness rather than a collar when she disappeared.

Anyone with any information about her whereabouts, visit or call 0844 800 3220.