Plunge pulls in thousands

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A DETERMINED teenage daredevil who dropped more than 13,500 ft from a plane declared: “I’ve done my mum proud.”

Hannah Scott from Matlock took the tandem plunge in memory of her mother, while raising cash for mental health charity Mind, and Save the Children.

The 16-year-old raised more than £2,225, but the jump itself proved just as exciting.

The Highfields pupil said: “We arrived at the airfield at 7am, once the weather cleared up I took off at 11am. The build up was tense but once we were up in the air it was amazing, the plane was a great atmosphere, lots of reassurance and laughs.

“It took 20 minutes to reach the final 13,500 feet. Sitting at the open door of the plane was breathtaking and the actual jump out was exhilarating and the views incredible.

“We were going at 120 mph until the parachute opened. We were then floating at 60 mph through the clouds to then see for miles. I think I’ve done my mum proud.”

Hannah’s mother Lynda tragically passed away two years ago after battling with severe depression, and raising money and awareness were the teenager’s mains aims.