PMQs praise for Erewash employers

NILALC100507A4 - Erewash election. Conservative winner Jessica Lee
NILALC100507A4 - Erewash election. Conservative winner Jessica Lee

Prime Minister David Cameron paid tribute to Erewash’s contribution in the reent rise in employment figures nationally.

He commented on the this issue after Erewash MP Jessica Lee addressed him during Prime Minister’s Questions.

She asked: ““ Does the Prime Minister agree that the increase in jobs or, as has been said, the “stonking”increase in the private sector is leading the UK’s economic recovery and is helped, if I may say so, by the range of engineers, manufacturers and retailers in Erewash, who are employing people and sending their exports round the world?”

To which he replied: “My Hon. Friend is absolutely right. We now have 1.6 million new private sector jobs, meaning that there are 1.3 million more people employed in our country.

“We are seeing that growth in employment in every region, some are growing faster than others, and we need to keep up the work to make sure that this is a broadly balanced recovery.”