Police and council comment on Hall Leys Park

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Dales District Council said:

“As a District Council we will vigorously challenge any attempt to discredit one of the UK’s best town centre parks or to discourage the tens of thousands of local people and tourists who visit every year, boosting local trade.

“Hall Leys Park is a big public space that attracts less than its fair share of nuisance. This is a fact backed up by official police figures, which show a drop in nuisance behaviour in the past year.

“CCTV is already in place, together with a public places order empowering police to confiscate alcohol if it is seen to be contributing to anti-social behaviour. We would however urge anyone who does witness any issue in the park to contact local police immediately on 101.”

Inspector Richard Booth, who is in charge of policing in the Derbyshire Dales, said:

“Our Safer Neighbourhood team patrols the park every day. It is a fantastic place and we aim to help to keep it that way.

“Last week we became aware of allegations of inappropriate behaviour that were posted on Facebook. Those allegations were never made to the police despite officers attending the park to deal with a report of anti-social behaviour.

“We have now identified the person who posted the allegations and we will be speaking to her to obtain any evidence she has.

“Statistics covering the first eight months of this year show that 11 anti-social behaviour incidents have been reported to police compared with 12 for the same period last year.

“In any public place as popular at Hall Leys Park there are bound to be isolated problems. Our message to anyone who does witness any instance of crime or disorder is to immediately contact local police on 101, or, in an emergency dial 999.”