Police helicopter stats for the year revealed

Police helicopter
Police helicopter

The police helicopter crew helped to find 214 crime suspects in Derbyshire between January 1 and December 1 2011.

During the same period, the crews searched for 126 missing people, found 26 stolen or suspect vehicles and airlifted three casualties to hospital.

The North Midlands Helicopter Support Unit is jointly owned by Derbyshire Constabulary and Nottinghamshire Police.

It is based at Derbyshire Constabulary headquarters in Ripley, carrying out vital work to help officers on the ground to search for suspects, find missing people and track stolen vehicles.

In Derbyshire alone, the helicopter spent 283 hours in the air dealing with incidents such as these.

John Jameson, North Midlands Helicopter Support Unit Executive Officer, said: “The helicopter brings a dimension to policing which can’t be achieved by conventional means.

“Thanks to the crews, many suspects were caught who may have evaded capture if the helicopter had not attended an incident.

“In April, we will see the creation of a national police air service. The police helicopter will continue to operate from Ripley and a relief helicopter will be available when the regular aircraft is off-line. With economies of scale that such a service will bring and with the nearest helicopter attending any incident, Derbyshire should see an even more effective service at a reduced cost.”