Police post footprints to residents to prevent burglaries

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A campaign to reduce the number of sneak-in burglaries in Derbyshire has been launched by police.

Officers from Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be patrolling the streets with crime prevention flyers targeting unoccupied houses with windows that have been left open.

The flyer – shaped like a footprint – bears the message: ‘You have left your home insecure’.

They are intended to catch the attention of the people who return home to find the flyer in their house and realise they have left themselves open to burglary.

Officers hope the campaign will make people more security conscious, and they hope word of mouth among friends and family will help spread the crime prevention message.

The campaign has been launched to reduce and prevent burglaries across the county, many of which could have been prevented.

In more than half of the incidents reported, burglars have gained access through open windows and unlocked doors.

Officers are appealing for people to take simple crime prevention measures to avoid becoming the next victim.

Detective Chief Inspector Malcolm Bibbings said: “I hope these flyers will help raise awareness and make people realise they have left themselves and their property vulnerable to burglars.

“We want to encourage people to think about home security and take simple steps to prevent yourself falling victim to this type of crime - such a locking doors and windows of homes, sheds and garages, and not leaving expensive items on show.

“Being a victim of a burglary can be a traumatic experience. It is an attack on your personal and private space, often leading to sentimental items being stolen which can be extremely difficult to overcome.

Ten thousand leaflets have been produced and will find their way into houses right across Derbyshire via local neighbourhood policing teams.