Police search for missing man with child

Police are searching for a man and child who have gone missing from a campsite at Alderwasley.

On the afternoon of Sunday, April 24, a man arrived at the Hankin Farm campsite, in New Road, and paid staff for two nights of camping, telling them he and his young son would be staying in a tent.

He pitched a two-man tent but has not been seen since. He did not arrive in a vehicle and his tent, containing two sleeping bags, camping equipment and prescription drugs, was left behind.

The man, who told staff his name was Mr Addison, is white with a tanned complexion and in his mid-40s. He has very short dark hair and is about 5ft 7ft tall. He was clean shaven and he wore a dark blue tracksuit jacket and jeans. Staff did not see his son.

Police are urging anyone with information to call 0345 123 3333.