Police warning on underage drinking


Police are urging parents to take action to help clamp down on underage drinking in New Mills and Hayfield.

Officers on patrol in New Mills on March 21 found a group of youths drinking alcohol in High Lea Park. They confiscated the alcohol and a number of children were taken home for being intoxicated.

PCSO Lee Baker, from the Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “We have been patrolling problem hot spots and have encountered many young people out and about; worryingly several of them had been under the influence of alcohol and had to be taken home by an officer.

“The amount of alcohol being consumed is a concern and we will be working hard to tackle this issue but we need parents to assist us in preventing anti-social behaviour and most importantly, stop any young person being harmed under the influence of alcohol.

“It is really important that parents know where their child is at night and when they will be returning home. I would also advise all parents to check where they store alcohol and that none is taken by their child.”