Positive news for growing projects

A FLAGSHIP project to provide new allotments in Matlock is coming to fruition.

Last year the Mercury joined Matlock gardeners in their battle to obtain more plots – and in September we marked a victory for our appeal.

Derbyshire County Council announced plans to convert land close to the car park at County Hall in to allotments and work is set to start within the next few weeks.

Nine plots will be created at the site.

Martin Burfoot of Transition Matlock said: “It’s all geared up for us to take on the site in the next few weeks and new tenants can be coming on in early spring.

“It is going to be a flagship scheme for the whole county as the council reuses this land for allotments and orchards.

“It is the first allotment site that have been developed as part of the scheme.”

Dave Goodridge of Well Field Allotment Society said the Mercury’s campaign had been helpful in giving allotment-holders a voice to address the need for more growing space and the site was good news for the town.

He added: “I think for the first time it’s a very positive message about allotments.

“There are lots of allotments around the country that are threatened and a long waiting list of people wanting allotments in Derbyshire and Matlock in particular so this is very good news.”

Transition Matlock is marking a milestone with another project this week after coming up with a management plan for Kiln Park – a community orchard created in the town last year.

The project is just one of Transition Matlock’s initiatives to campaign for and provide locally grown food and to convert a little used parkland into a nature habitat with 28 mixed fruit trees.

Mr Burfoot said: “We’ve really increased the biodiversity of the site which is next to a residential area.

“It’s more attractive and more environmentally friendly now

“This management plan will help us maintain the site and we are set to talk to the county council about plans for another community orchard site in the future.”