Pothole has still to be fixed

Last year following all the snow and ice, Derbyshire County Council ran a campaign inviting the public to call in to report potholes that would be repaired “within three days”.

I decided to do my bit and called the council to report the pothole at the roundabout in the centre of Baslow (probably around last February).

Almost a year on and the pothole remains in a dreadful state (getting steadily worse) and given that this is the busiest village in the county for traffic I feel that it’s appalling that their campaign wasn’t acted on.

I decided to write to the council to complain that the pothole remained and pointed out that their three-day promise simply hadn’t been acted on.

In their reply their excuse was that roads across the county had been affected by the snow and that they would continue to monitor the situation at Baslow!

To make matters worse, they have just spent time cutting trees back on the same roundabout where there are the potholes.

Apart from the road safety issues, why run a campaign to involve the public and then simply ignore the calls?

It reminds me of a scene from once-popular tv series The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin. In this particular scene Reggie calls the 24-hour emergency maintenance service on Friday afternoon, only to find that they have gone home.

He phones them again on Monday morning, only to find that they haven’t come in yet!

Simon Turton

By email