Potholes will be repaired


I would like the opportunity to reply to your editorial column, “Make our roads safe for bikes”.

Derbyshire roads, along with many others countywide, have suffered as a result of the exceptionally severe weather, both this winter and the last. This was recognised when Derbyshire County Council put an extra £6m into highway maintenance last year. Much good work to improve the condition of the network has been done – only to be frustrated by the lowest temperatures suffered for over 30 years.

The county council will again allocate additional funds to road repairs. All potholes reported by the public or noted as part of the routine inspections undertaken by highways staff will be repaired.

The safety of the highway user, including motorcyclists and pedestrians will be of the highest priority, but this cannot be done instantaneously. It will take time. As I write, highway engineers are considering the best, most effective way to undertake repairs, some of which have already been done. In the meantime all highway users must recognise the potential for damaged road surfaces to be just round the corner.

Drivers, riders and pedestrians need to be aware of the potential for poor road conditions and act accordingly. Derbyshire County Council will do its best, as it has in the past, when road conditions were improving year on year, but we need the help all highway users to keep our roads safe.

Councillor Chris Jackson

Derbyshire County Council