Prison for Matlock Bath man who had sex with 15–year–old

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A judge has warned a man who was sent down for having unprotected sex with a vulnerable 15–year–old girl that he will be regarded as a ‘nonce’ in prison.

The stark warning was given to Jordon Adam Spencer, of Dale Road, Matlock Bath, by Judge Stuart Rafferty QC in Derby Crown Court on Friday as he handed him a prison sentence.

The 19–year–old admitted to the offence of having sex with a girl under the age of 16.

Spencer had already been given a community order with supervision requirement for a charge of abduction after he met the same girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, at a park bench in May last year.

Despite the intervention of the courts, he continued the relationship with the girl, contacting her on August 13.

She was reported missing on the day in question and the police went to the defendant’s address.

Sarah Slater, prosecuting, said: “They found her inside along with two other people.”

Officers found the girl had been drinking and was concerned that Spencer was going to go to prison.

In interview, Spencer told police he had done nothing wrong except fall in love with a 15–year–old, adding that nothing would stop the relationship.

“He then admitted they had full vaginal intercourse and they did not use any contraception,” Miss Slater said.

“They were all drinking together, they were drinking lager and vodka and having cannabis.”

Sarah Brown, defending, said: “On the day of the offence he knew he was going to face a custodial sentence and his desire to see the complainant seems to have overridden anything else.”

She said Spencer regretted his behaviour.

“He says the relationship is over between him and the victim,” Miss Brown said.

She added that her client was hoping to gain some qualifications in prison to improve himself.

Judge Rafferty commented: “It’s all very well saying that you loved her – how did you treat her?

“Supposing she had fallen pregnant? You would now be in custody thinking you were the father of a child that nobody wants, including you.

“That’s pretty despicable, drunk or sober and I hope you feel some genuine shame.

“You have made yourself a registered sex offender and inside you will be regarded as a nonce and your life inside will be harder than it would be.”

Spencer was given 12 months in prison for sex with an under 16–year–old and a further three months for child abduction – a total of 15 months in prison.